Chew valley – into the lair of the leviathan

February 21, 2010

The float dips on the surface and glides away beneath the huge expanse of water, there can be few moments in angling that get the heart pounding so much. Now imagine that happening when you know that what is pulling the line could be that fish of a life time. Chew Valley Reservoir is a water that not only grabs your imagination, but plays with your mind, keeping you restless at night and fill your dreams with visions of huge predators lurking out of the depths. I was fortunate enough to get 2 days on this huge trout water in persuit of the pike that lurk there. These pike are very special, as that bait is taken you know this could be the moment, a pike of 4 to 40lb could be responsible.

Despite what is written in the press about the huge number of massive pike this venue produces it can be tricky fishing. All the reader sees is the processions of 30lb plus fish, they do not see the rod hours that are put in for these. On an average day you will see 60 anglers afloat and 20 or so on the bank. Each doing say 8 hours of fishing with 2 rods. that works out at 5120 rod hours a week now say in a good wieek 10 30s come out, that equates to 512 rod hours per 30. by no means a guaranteed fish of a life time water, but they are there in numbers and while you have a bait in the water, that next run could be the fish of your dreams and then some.

The fishing was hard this time around but the place has me hooked and I cannot wait to get back, the next time could be my turn,

A Chew Valley 20.

2 days fishing and finally we get a glimps of the midday sun

A result for Jon, an awesome Chew 26


4 Responses to “Chew valley – into the lair of the leviathan”

  1. Futtock napper said

    And that’s never a 20, say 18 or thereabouts!!! Tut tut tut.

  2. singy said

    Many fish in chew are very short for their weight, they are incedibly solid fish, very broad across the back. That’s where most of the weight lies. I thought it was about 14 when I netted it, but upon lifting the net it was obvious it was much bigger. Jon’s 26 is unusual for Chew, awesome fish that one.

  3. Futtock napper said

    I’ll give you 19, now stop it with the elaborations already.

  4. Futtock napper said

    I believe Jon of course.

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