And a while more

February 17, 2012

i know, I know, I’ve been crap updating the blog for around a year. It’s been a busy, hectic period in my life. I’ve had hardly any time to fish, and what time I have done has been stolen nights during the week. It’s hard work going to lake after work, getting everything sorted, then packing up in the morning just as the fish start to feed.

This summer I fished Horton Church Lake, a famous Cemex Angling venue. I chose this lake because it’s got a shower on site, meaning I could scrape every last minute by the lake. It didn;t really work as the fish rarely seemed to feed during the night. I did manage a few of the lakes famous carp thopugh.

I also managed a trip over to France with the boys for a bit of a road trip. Carp, wine and cheese dominated the week, just how I like it.

Unfortunately I had a load of tackle stolen mid summer which sort of put a stop to my fishing. Though as I look out of the window now, spring is beginning to take hold and I feel the the urge once again to get back out there.

Tight lines all.




5 Responses to “And a while more”

  1. futtock napper said

    I think we can safely say you overdid the cheese me old saliva, have a word!
    As always……

  2. futtock napper said


    I think this says it all really, the best a scouse could hope for! 🙂
    Just joking mucka, I hope the drooling issue resolves itself soon.
    Cheers blood!

    • singy said

      Steve, you haven’t seen the new slimline me 🙂 I just haven’t caught any bloody fish since I lost the weight. But I will. 😉

  3. futtock napper said

    Ho ho ho. As if.

  4. futtock napper said

    Fuck shittex. 🙂

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