Well, it’s been a while.

October 13, 2010

Sorry for my lack of updates of late. The spring and the summer has flown past and I can’t say I’ve done an awful lot of fishing, but what I have done has been eventful. The highlight was probably a brace of 30+carp on the bank at the same time. A 34lb common and a 37lb mirror. Most of the fishing I have done has been with Daniel, so instead of describing all the sessions I have done, I will just post a few pictures for you to look at.


37lb mirror



34 common



A scale perfect common ounces under 30lb



There were that many roach in the swim, winding in was dangerous






Sturgeon - mental thing



Danny getting beaten up by a mid double



Danny and friends struggle with an eel



A cracking perch for Daniel



Daniel admires his lunch



A small wrass and a small black bream caught on the same hook.


Well, hopefully it won’t be as long til my next update. Tight lines


6 Responses to “Well, it’s been a while.”

  1. Futtock napper said

    Shame about the lack of narrative, I enjoy your ramblings, only thing I can’t put my finger on is just whose writing style you’re aping.
    Still, keep up the good work.

    PS: Your hair looked better short, silly I know but you look more and more like Billy Bunter with those curls and that owlish expression.

    PPS: Try to close your mouth when posing, it’s very mongoloid looks like you’re about to drool.

    • singy said

      Cheers for the kind words. I think

      Must admit to not looking my best with the carp. They were caught on the second night of a charity social and I was rather the worse for wear prior to turning in for the night. Just ask Jimmy. RIP Bubbles

  2. Futtock napper said


  3. futtocknapper said

    Happy daze mon cherie.

  4. futtock napper said

    Well I happen to think your lack of participation on this blog is nothing short of disgraceful. I was particularly looking forward to seeing more pictures of pale fatties ………….holding fish along with your florid and erudite scribbling.
    Shame on you Singy.

  5. singy said

    I do apologise Mr Napper. And I agree, it is disgraceful. I will flagellate myself with a wet cod.

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