Double bass

September 22, 2009

Yesterday I headed down to Brighton to get afloat on the Brighton Diver. I’ve not bean afloat on the sea for quite a while and always enjoy it. We headed out of Brighton at about 7:30 am and motored out to the spot the skipper Paul had chosen. this was a rock wall in relatively shallow water about a few miles out. The target species were to be bass and bream. After arriving Paul positioned the boat and I started by trotting a live mackerel back towards the mark, suspended under a Coca Cola bottle. After a few trots back and one aborted hit, Ste next to me had a hit on his mackerel fished on the bottom, so I took off the float and bounced the lead back to the wall. The rod wrenched over as a nice bass hit the bait. I’ve got to say this is an increadable way of fishing and very exciting. I quickly had a lovely brace of nice bass, before alowing someone else to have a go and I went to do a bit of gentler bream fishing. We all had a great day and we will eat well for the next week.



the last thing my live mackerel would have seen

the last thing my live mackerel would have seen


One Response to “Double bass”

  1. Julian Durham said

    Absolute beauties. Very jealous.

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