it’s not all beautiful scenery and peace and quiet

September 1, 2009

As Idylic as fishing can be, sat by a beatiful stretch of river, next to the wild and open sea. the sounds of nature in your ears and the smells of the flowers and trees, there are on occasions when the fish seem to prefer the more built up and urban areas of the Thames.

I’ve fished 2 nights on a new spot the seems to be frequented by strange people. Parking behind me and flashing their interior lights. People parking up and enjoying odd looking cigatettes. numerous visits by the police and the odd courting couple who seem to forget to turn off their interior lights. It’s made for a couple of very interesting trips. Possibly not a place to take Danny though.

I’ve managed to lose a carp on the first night and land one on the second, so the spot certainly seems to have potential, and a good element of the unknown. And if the fishing is slow, there’s no end to the entertainment on offer. 🙂

dodging the doggers

dodging the doggers


2 Responses to “it’s not all beautiful scenery and peace and quiet”

  1. Steve Holmes said

    Watch out for Purple Acky

  2. singy said

    LOL, now there is a blast from the past

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