Prospecting for silver.

August 13, 2009

After lunch Danny and myself took 2 pints of maggots down to the semi tidal stretch of the Thames in Petersham and sat about catching whatever we could. It wasn’t long before we had the swim boiling with fish, there were millions of them, bites were incredibly hard to hit and the ones we did were incredibly hard to keep on the hook. A few lessons were learnt. Next time the barbless hooks can stay at home. Not sure what i can do though about the lightning fast bites the dace were giving us. They had the amazing ability to leave nothing but a maggot skin on the hook. I might take a few fake maggots down and see if I can sit through the nibbles, until something proper gets hold of the bait. Despite all that we still built up a good few pound of fish in a few hours. the river is alive with them at the moment, and the amount of fry in the edge beggars belief.

A net full of silver

A net full of silver

A rather tatty tidal Dace

Daddy, it it a sardine? Can we eat it?


One Response to “Prospecting for silver.”

  1. Bryan said

    I remember fishing the River Ember in East Molesey as a kid and getting the Dace going like that. I think we all miss a trick getting to carried away with going for big fish and not simply enjoying it for the great pastime it is.

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