The salty sea dogs

July 13, 2009

Saturday saw a very excited Danny and I walking from the car to Brighton Marina with an armful of fishing rods and a bucket of king rag. Our target for the day was anything that swims in the sea off the east arm of the Marina breakwater, the weather was rather blowy and huge waves crashed over the west arm so we sought the ‘relative’ shelter of the east, along with it seemed, everyone else. We found a spot and cast our baits out, and Danny set about demolishing both of our lunches. It wasn’t long before Danny had his first sea fish, and his second. Lovely small pout were landed and returned, then even more exiting he landed a small Thornback Ray. These things are like aquatic dinosaurs to a small boy.



Throrback Ray and a face full of wotsits

Throrback Ray and a face full of wotsits

Sunday saw us head to the same spot, with much rougher seas, but lovely blue skys. We randomly lobbed out the baits into the mirky water and it wasn’t long before the rod signalled a good bite. There was a fair bit of weight to this one, and Danny finally managed to manhandle a rod way too big for him and 2 fish on the 2 hooks in against a strong tide. Quite a result. One one hook was a Sea Bass one of my favorite sea fish and on the other was a young Smoothhound, this was the highlight of the weekend for Danny, his first couple of trips out and he already had a ‘Shark’ under his belt. He proceded to run up and down the breakwater showing it all and sundry. One very proud little boy.

A proud and spikey sea bass

A proud and spikey sea bass

Daddy, it's a shark, it's a shark

Daddy, it's a shark, it's a shark

My personal highlight was when a huge wave caught us both by suprise, we must have lay there laughing, soaked through for a good 5 minutes. Great fishing and fantastic giggles. Danny now wants to go great white fishing.

And s soaking to boot

And a soaking to boot


6 Responses to “The salty sea dogs”

  1. Dave Toomey said

    Looks like you both had a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bryan said

    Nice photos Paul, look like Danny had a great time. Brought back some fond memories of my dad taking me there.

  3. louise said

    what a great time. I love sea fishing the best! Chris didn’t have great luck the last time he went out (Thursday) as it was a full moon the night before and the fish had their fill! No Ahi for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Steve Holmes said

    Great blog and fantastic memories you’re making with Danny. I still remember sea fishing trips with my dad from that age and up…..also remember lots of throwing up when boat fishing ๐Ÿ˜‰

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